The Importance of The Right Door

The Importance of The Right Door

Upgrade To Vinyl Windows To Create A Quiet, Safe Nursery For Your Baby

by Sonia Castro

Upgrading from single-pane aluminum to Low-E, dual-pane vinyl windows improves your home's value, energy efficiency and aesthetics. Paying for new windows throughout your home can be expensive, though. If you're having a baby and can't afford to install vinyl windows in every room of your home, you might want to at least replace old aluminum windows in your child's room with newer vinyl ones. For, in addition to the above-mentioned benefits, vinyl windows will help make your baby's nursery quieter and safer.

Ensure a Full, Quiet Night's Rest

Few things are worse than having your baby prematurely woken up by a loud noise. Whether you live in the city or the country, outside sounds might wake your child. Vinyl windows won't completely block out all sounds, but they significantly reduce noises from construction sites, car horns, barking dogs and howling wolves.

While you could opt for expensive soundproof windows, similar results can be achieved with dual-pane vinyl windows. According to Jeld-Wen Windows & Doors, vinyl windows' STC rating, which is used to measure how well a material insulates against sound, can be as high as 34. At this rating, windows insulate against sounds about as well as exterior walls, which typically have ratings between 34 and 38.

Block Out Harmful UV Rays

Most vinyl window manufacturers offer Low-E coated vinyl windows. As Dr. Energy Saver explains, Low-E blocks most UV rays while letting in sunlight. This makes these windows perfect for a nursery.

By blocking out UV rays, you'll be protecting furniture, carpeting, books and artwork that the sunlight might hit. You'll also be protecting your baby's fragile skin. Babies' skin isn't as mature as adults', and it's not equipped to withstand the harmful damage of UV rays. According to a study reported by CNN, exposure to sunlight in the first year of life can result in melanoma later in life. Moreover, sunlight can also inhibit your baby's immune system, which also isn't fully developed yet.

While you should try to protect your baby's skin from harmful UV rays, it's not good to keep them in a room that has no sunlight. Sunlight is one of the main ways people get Vitamin D, which helps with the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, and has a positive effect on mood.

With Low-E coated vinyl windows that let sunlight through but blocks UV rays, you'll be getting the best of both worlds. They'll protect your baby's skin from the harmful rays while letting sunlight through for Vitamin D. As an added benefit, they'll also be more efficient than non-coated single-pane windows and help reduce your energy costs.

Resist Scratches and Cracks

As your baby grows, they'll become a toddler and begin walking around -- not to mention climbing on things. At this stage, vinyl windows will hold up better than aluminum ones. Both with withstand some amount of wear and tear. If your child should reach the window and start banging on it or scraping it with an object, though, vinyl windows are a little more resistant than aluminum ones to scratching, marring and cracking, according to Stanek Windows.

If you're having a child soon, a nesting instinct may soon kick in. You'll want to pick out decorations, set up furniture and maybe even paint your nursery. In addition to all of these things, think about replacing any old aluminum windows in your nursery with vinyl windows. They'll help reduce noise and UV rays, while letting sunlight in and resisting scratches. Few people think of their windows when planning a nursery, but replacing them could make your baby's room quieter and safer. Click here for more information on types of windows that are available for your home.


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The Importance of The Right Door

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