The Importance of The Right Door

The Importance of The Right Door

Tips For Installing Your Own Patio Cover

by Sonia Castro

If you're looking to turn your patio into your relaxation destination, you may want to invest in a cover to protect it from rain and sun. One of the best ways to do that is to install a patio cover. You can find many different vinyl patio covers with frames and bracket kits for easy installation. Here's a look at what you should know to install one yourself.

Determine Where You're Anchoring The Cover

In order to install the patio cover properly, you need to have solid anchor points along the house for the frame to mount to. You need to allow enough room for the cover to be sloped down away from the house. Start by measuring the distance from the edge of the patio to the roof line. You'll want to have about a half-inch of slope on the cover for every inch of building height.

Once you know how much of an angle you need to put on the patio cover, you can measure the height of the installation to locate the bracket mounting points. Start at the far end of the patio, away from the house, and place your measuring tape at a comfortable height to allow for plenty of headroom at the end of the patio. Then, measure on that angle you defined to identify the mounting point on the house where you'll need to install the header and brackets.

Attach The Patio Cover Header To The House

Once you determine where the mounting point needs to be, it's time to install the header for the patio cover assembly. The header is the foundation of the patio cover assembly and attaches directly to the house. Use a level to be sure that you get the track attached perfectly straight. Mark the bolt hole locations on the wall with a grease pencil, then pre-drill the holes. Place the track on the wall and secure it with the provided bolts. Then, apply some caulk to the outer edges of the strip so that you don't get any moisture behind it.

Prepare The Support Posts

You'll want support posts on each patio corner as well as along the sides. The longer your patio is, the more posts you'll want to place along the patio edges. Measure the posts to the height you need to maintain the slope you identified in the initial installation stages, then drive those posts into the ground using the anchor assembly provided with the kit. If you'll be installing the posts into pre-dug holes, remember to add the extra height to account for the depth of the holes.

Secure The Cross Brace

With the posts in place, it's time to add the cross brace over the top. It's designed to run from post to post, so you'll have one for each set of the center posts. Bolt the brace in place, then add cover strips over the top of the brace to smooth things out. Use sheet metal screws to secure the cover strips to the brace.

Cut The Covering

Most patio covering kits with a vinyl cover have an oversized vinyl sheet that you have to trim to the length that you need. Measure the length of the patio, then add an extra foot or two to allow for the slope that you need to create. That slope is essential for water runoff, so don't skip that step. If you install it level, the cover will sag in the middle when it rains, because water will pool on it. Secure the vinyl cover in place using the hardware provided with the frame assembly.

If you're not confident in your ability to do the installation yourself, a local patio cover installation contractor can help. You can also ask about the benefits of a retractable cover so you can easily fold it back when the weather is moderate.


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The Importance of The Right Door

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