The Importance of The Right Door

The Importance of The Right Door

Installing Door Openers

by Sonia Castro

Making sure that your building is compliant with all of the standards of the Americans With Disabilities Act will require a significant effort on your part. However, it is necessary for ensuring your business will be accessible to those with a variety of disabilities. In particular, opening the door to your business can be especially challenging for those with these issues.

Will Your Door Have To Be Replaced To Install An Opener?

Installing an automatic door opener can be an excellent way of helping to make your business more accessible to those with disabilities. However, business owners sometimes assume that the entire door will have to be replaced in order to install one of these systems. Luckily, there are door swing systems that are able to be attached to existing doors. This can minimize the difficulty of having one of these systems added to your business's doors.

How Will The Door Opener Impact Your Electrical Needs?

Connecting the door opener to the electrical system will be one of the more challenging aspects of installing these systems. Not surprisingly, these systems can have somewhat intensive energy demands as many commercial door scan be extremely heavy. To provide enough power to the door opener, there may need to be upgrades made to the wiring. This is a particularly common need for businesses that are located in older buildings. To keep the door opener functional during power outages, battery backups should be installed that can supply it with energy so that individuals inside the building will be able to exit it easily. These battery systems can present a further strain on the electrical system that will need to be managed.

Do Swing Openers Require Additional Lubrication?

Your door opener can suffer extreme wear from the high amounts of friction that are generated when it is operating. To account for this friction, the door opener should be periodically lubricated. While this is an important step, it should not be done excessively. Too much lubrication can inhibit the functioning of the opener. These performance problems result from the excessive lubricant leaving being a residue that can clog moving components.

Will Swing Openers Weaken The Security Of Your Door?

Business leaders might assume the door opener will impact the overall security of their doors by making them difficult to lock. Yet, these openers will not be connected to the locks of the doors. This means that any security impacts from these systems should be minimal as long as the doors are properly secured.

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The Importance of The Right Door

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