The Importance of The Right Door

The Importance of The Right Door

Replacing The Galls In The Entry Door On Your Home

by Sonia Castro

The entry door on your home may have some with one or several lites of glass in it. If there is damage to the glass, fogging, or moisture inside the panel, or if you want to change it to a different style, adding a new window insert or glass panel is not difficult and can be done in an afternoon with a few hand tools.

Replacement Door Inserts

The glass window inserts in your door are installed by the door manufacturer during door assembly but are made so they can be replaced. Replacement inserts for the door will need to be the right size to fit the door, so before changing yours, you need to measure it and determine what size to buy.

Start by measuring the trim panel around the window insert, both vertically and horizontally. Then, go to the home center in your area and find a window insert that you like and is the same size as the one you have in your door. 

Most home centers carry window inserts in many sizes to fit different doors that are commonly used in new homes. The glass styles are often different from the original glass, but if the size is the same, they should fit fine with the door. 

Removing The Old Glass

The glass window inserts used on steel entry doors are very easy to work with. Screws secure the trim and support ring on the door's exterior to the ring on the inside, sandwiching the glass between the pieces. 

To remove the screws, you may need to remove an insert that covers the screw heads then you can unscrew each one carefully. Leave a couple of screws in place until you are ready for the glass to come out, then remove the last screws and remove the glass from the outside of the door. The glass will come out as one unit that includes the exterior window trim piece and the glass panel. 

Installing The New Glass

When you are ready to install the new window insert, sit the bottom of the glass panel on the bottom of the door opening, then lean the glass into place. Position the inner trim ring and reinstall the screws that hold the parts together. Most glass inserts have a rubber gasket on both sides, and it is crucial that you do not damage the seal. 

Tighten the screws by hand, checking for gaps around the insert as you go. Don't overtighten the screws, and do not use a power screwdriver to tighten them. Once all the screws are in place and secure, you can put the trim cover over the screws and enjoy your new window inserts. 

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The Importance of The Right Door

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