The Importance of The Right Door

The Importance of The Right Door

Equipping Your Building With A New Overhead Door System

by Sonia Castro

For many businesses, it can be necessary to have an overhead door installed. These door systems can be particularly common for businesses that will need to receive or send shipments through commercial trucks. 

Choose New Overhead Doors For The Building

An overhead door system can be a major investment to make in the building. Business leaders that are looking for options to reduce the costs of this upgrade may decide to purchase a used overhead door system. Unfortunately, this can pose its own limitations and potential problems. One example of this could be the fact that these doors may have suffered previous wear and tear which can increase the risk of them suffering malfunctions. Furthermore, these doors will not have warranty protections in place, and this can lead to the owner being liable for the full costs of any repairs that the door or the opener may require.

Assess The Security Of Potential Overhead Doors

Security is another concern that will have to be weighed before deciding on an overhead door for the property. An example of this could be thoroughly reviewing the security systems that the door will use. In particular, you will want to choose an overhead door that is made of fairly thick materials so that individuals will not be able to force their way through it. Additionally, you may want a door that has a commercial-quality locking mechanism so that you will be able to effectively secure it. If your building has a security system, there are overhead doors that can be integrated with these systems to provide you with effective control and monitoring of these doors.

Consider A Backup Battery For The Overhead Door

Most commercial overhead doors will have an automated opening system. Unfortunately, power disruptions can lead to this device becoming unresponsive until the power is restored. While these doors will have a manual mode, your business may be able to avoid needing this option by installing a battery backup for the garage door. These backups will allow you to continue to provide power to the opener for some time after the power is lost. For businesses that will have to remain at least partially operational during a power failure, this can be an important option that may not add much to the total cost of installing the overhead door system in the building. If you have multiple doors, you will want a battery backup that provides a much higher capacity.

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The Importance of The Right Door

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